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As it stands right now, I am using the kiosk to communicate with an Arduino locally which is running some stepper motors to do some tasks.  It is easier to use Windows to run the serial port and communicate with the arduino as we get started.  Also using kiosk to read barcodes - which I could also do in net talk.  THere are objects to allow browsers to communicate with Com ports - my son was using them at Volkswagen 6 years ago to communicate with car accessories and said it was straight forward.  There are no standards for this type of communication yet so Bruce is not implementing it and I can understand that.  I started watching ClarionLive #467 with Alejandro and Roberto about Arduino and Net Talk.  Fascinating.  He loaded up a browser designed for Arduino and  had it communicating with a Net Talk web server.  I think that I might go in that direction once we get our project up and running - that effort will be for "experimental play time".  I like the Seeduino XIAO for several reasons and prefer it to the Arduino.  However, not all of the arduino libraries port to it - so that is another headache.  So, for right now, going to stay with Windows app running NetWebClient with Secure Socket communications to server. 

HI Stu,
We are going to return automobile keys to customers at the kiosk.  They will have a QR code which they will fetch in our APP on their mobile device to scan at the Kiosk and a PIN number ( texted to them) which they will enter on their mobile device.  I think that a third check as to who is actually at which kiosk will be that the user at the kiosk will be shown a number and they will have to enter it on their mobile phone.  ( There may be 4 kiosks so I need to make sure that they are at the kiosk with their keys).  If they don't see a number to enter, they are at the wrong kiosk and we can help direct them to the correct one where they will repeat the process.
I would love to get rid of the display at the kiosk.  However, people want some type of interaction to make sure that the device is really working.  Secondly, they are going to scan the QR code on their phone on the kiosk.  In order to prevent frustration, a display on the kiosk will help them center their barcode. .  Can't think of a better way to help them get their barcode scanned.  Any ideas.

NT 14.13  C 11.
I am going to run a Net Talk Secure Web server.  All data is on server.  Users will interact with the Server via mobile devices.  I will have remote windows terminals which will only DISPLAY messages and do actions ( like drop things) upon direction of the server after the mobile user has authenticated themselves.  The Kiosk can run a Clarion APP and can have a login to the NT web server.  The kiosk will ONLY DISPLAY messages from server and do actions requested by server.  There is NOT a lot of communication going on between Server and Kiosk.  Interactions may be 100 in 24 hours.  So, not a lot of traffic.  questions:
1. Should I implement a Secure Socket between Kiosk and NT server - this would be open all the time?
2. Is there a better way for server to send messages to the KIOSK in response to Mobile user making requests at the Web server.  So, response has to be timely.
Trying to figure out the best way to implement on NT server and remote Kiosk.   All help appreciated.

Web Server - Ask For Help / Re: Hiding a Tab
« on: November 20, 2023, 01:35:21 PM »
Ahh,  that is the secret.  That did it.
Many thanks - this allows me to modify my Update forms for administrative tabs which appear with Admin level security.

Web Server - Ask For Help / Hiding a Tab
« on: November 20, 2023, 07:01:28 AM »
Hi All.  Trying to hide a tab when a form opens depending on the security level of the user ( user vs administrator - user < 900,  admin > 900).
On the Form, the FIELDS tab shows the tab name, EQUATE and HIDE IF columns.  (Implies that I can set a condition to HIDE the tab).
However, FORM TAB has the "Tab Hide IF: greyed out. 
What needs to be set to be able to use the HIDE IF condition?

Web Server - Ask For Help / Re: Mobile App example from CIDC 2023
« on: November 20, 2023, 06:54:29 AM »
Hi Bruce,
No worries.  It would be nice to have but it is not essential that you do that for me.  I just could not find it on the site and was poking around.  I will wait until you get it into the EXAMPLES.

Web Server - Ask For Help / Mobile App example from CIDC 2023
« on: November 18, 2023, 01:32:14 PM »
HI Bruce,
Did you include the code from your Mobile App that you built for Net Talk Training  on site at CIDC 2023.  I can't find it in downloads or materials.
Is it included in NT14 somewhere?
#2 - I specifically am trying to get a handle in IDB database record that goes on the mobile device.  Trying to see example of the fields it uses and additional fields that I might want to add.

Web Server - Ask For Help / Near Field Communication - Iphone and Android
« on: November 15, 2023, 01:40:37 AM »
Hi All,
Does Nettalk and PWA provide access to Near Field Communication?  I am trying to ascertain that the person at the kiosk location is actually the person who needs to be there - e.g. to pick up a key.  One way is to have the users phone read an NFC tag in the kiosk and report the results.  Is this something Net Talk can handle?  Other ways to verify the correct person at kiosk just using their cell phone - no screen on kiosk - just camera, maybe Near Field to read and maybe a numeric keypad?
Any thoughts?
Ron Jolda 

I used WireShark many years ago exactly for what you are talking about.  As I recall, there wireshark had all the ports represented.  I had to select the right conversation( port) for it to monitor.  Then there were several display modes to select after getting your correct port and clearing the screen.  Then you could watch YOUR data go by.
I don't even have it installed any more so this info is from what I can recall.
Good luck,

Any webinars or segments that talk about using a Web Client to connect to a Web Server Service?

Thanks. I wondered if a WebClient was the tool to use. Now that I know that, I can move forward and not look back.  Since the communication with the Serial port is on the remote machine, I can communicate with it directly through a windows program.  That solves the serial issue.  BTW, my son worked for Volkswagon Advanced Research in California about 6 years ago.  They ran their automobile communications through a browser and used browser through serial port for communication with all the devices in the car.  He said that it worked very well until the port number changed! May play with it at some time.

Hi All,
Running NT 14.08 and Clarion 11.0.136.   I need to communicate to and from a NetTalk Server and a remote computer running windows ( actually a type of kiosk).  I am going to run a clarion exe on the remote machine.  Instead of trying to tie the remote computers to the tables on the Web Server I am looking at an alternative way of sharing very small amounts of data.  e.g. When a user is verified on the NT server, I want to let the remote computer ( and there will be several remote computers so I need to address a specific remote computer ) have some limited data fields.  Also, when the end user activates the remote computer - actually a kiosk type setup - I need to send the data to the NT server for verification and depending on verification by the NT server, send some limited data back to the remote computer (kiosk) and then the remote computer can perform some duties.  I am not sure if this is a net simple communications need or a set of APIs.  I am sure folks have done this and can offer some suggestions.  The scenario is that the end user can verify themselves with a QR code on their mobile phone which is connected to the NT server OR they can use a RFID on the remote computer( kiosk) to verify locally.  I need to share information between these two. Any insights will be appreciated.

Jane and Bruce,
Many thanks.  The Browser is supposed to be in its own sandbox so tat rules out serial port.  However, as you pointed out Bruce, there is an API development effort for Serial port.  I will watch that but wait to try to implement that.  Will follow some of Jane's suggestions for now.
Thank you,

Web Server - Ask For Help / Re: Net Talk Camera selection
« on: October 23, 2023, 02:15:08 AM »
Thanks Bruce,

Web Server - Ask For Help / Can Net Talk APP control a local serial port.
« on: October 22, 2023, 02:20:34 AM »
 :NT 14.08
Clarion 11.0.1136
I want to be able to send and receive characters from/to a local serial port. I guess it would be like reading a serial barcode reader. 
1. Is it doable?
2. What are the steps and the tricks.
Many thanks,

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