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Web Server - Ask For Help / File Upload button on MemForm
« on: May 23, 2024, 04:12:36 PM »
Hi Bruce,

     I'm trying to use a MemForm, with a single FileUpload button on it, to upload files to the web\uploads folder.  The web log does show the POST /dataupload event but the actual file is not in the uploads folder.  I have tried this running a local exe and also from a server using a dll with the multi-site host.

     I have run the example app, which uses a normal NetWebForm, and the file does get uploaded properly.  Is it possible it won't work with a MemForm?


Jeff King

Hello all,

     I have a co-worker who is running NetTalk 14.20 web apps from his MAC with the latest Chrome browser.  When he clicks on a drop list he gets the Chrome "Aw Snap" error 11 message.  See attached image.  The app does work as expected with Safari on this same MAC.  In addition, the app works as expected on his Windows 11 machine.  Anyone have any thoughts on the cause and a fix?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / API problem, NT 14.20
« on: April 10, 2024, 12:18:47 PM »
Hi Bruce,

     I have an API set up.  An app in California is the client, sending data to a target tps file called Enrollment.tps on a remote server.  Numerous fields are loaded with data but one is not.  It is called BCS_Status.  In looking at the log in the Multi-site host (this app is a dll app) I do see the JSON, which shows the data is there.  See the attached image.  It shows:  "BCS_Status":"DRTBeforeSurgery", circled in blue.

     Using TPSSCAN I view the Enrollment table and see the BCS_Status field is blank.  All other fields contain data as expected.  I don't understand why this field is not assigned.  My API is set up with the Parameters tab with just the Enrollment table added.  The Returns tab just has two fields inserted.  I'm only allowing this API to do an Insert action.

     I can use Postman to send data to this API and all fields are filled in.

     Any thoughts as to why just one field is not filled when it does show in the JSON?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / Multi-Site host question
« on: March 26, 2024, 05:30:14 AM »
Hi Bruce,

     I have the multi-site host running on two servers.  One host has 8 dll apps running, the other has two dll apps running.  All this runs great.  However, when there is a new version of NetTalk posted, I must recompile the multi-site host and all individual apps with the same version of NetTalk.  Then, copy the dll's and web folders to each server.  This is becoming very time consuming.  Will it ever be possible to mix NT versions of apps in the future?  Or, is there a way to do this now?


Jeff King

Hi Bruce,

     I have been experimenting with the Partial Save button added with NT 14.17.  I have a GUID field in my tables, which is set as unique.  This causes a problem: 

     When adding a new record the form is in insert mode.  Clicking the Partial Save button saves the record, including the GUID field and sets the form to change mode.  Upon clicking the Partial Save button again (while in change mode), an error pops up about a duplicate key on the GUID field. 

    Maybe I can add code to change the GUID when using the Partial Save button, but this does not seem to be a good idea.  For now, I have set the Partial Save button to be disabled when in insert mode.  Any thoughts on how to handle this issue better?



Hello all,

     Using NT 14.19.  I have a form that displays many fields from a table called surgery.  Two fields are also displayed at the bottom, from another table (enrollment), in view only mode, as seen in the attached image.  The custom button on this form calls a "browse less" form as a pop-up, on the enrollment file.  On this form, the two fields can be edited.  Upon returning to the calling form, the fields are not updated.  I would like them to update as soon as returning from the pop-up.  I have tried calling a Do refresh::My:Field from the GotFocusBack embed without success.  How can I refresh the two fields or the entire form when retuning from the pop-up?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / Login window not centered
« on: March 05, 2024, 08:50:13 AM »
Hi Bruce,

     I updated to NT 14.19.  Now my login form is left justified, see attached.  I have the Form Div set at: ' nt-fix-center login-form-width'.

     Nothing else has changed in my app.  I simply re-compiled after updating to NT 14.19.  With NT 14.13 the login form was centered. 

     I have spent more than an hour trying to fix this without success.  All my NT 14.13 apps now have the login form left justified as does the example app Web3.  Anything change with CSS formatting since NT 14.13?



Web Server - Ask For Help / Save form as user selects tabs?
« on: March 04, 2024, 06:04:50 PM »
Hello everyone,

     I have a complex form with multiple tabs and many fields on each tab. Using NT 14.13.

     A user has requested that the form save "partial" results to the file as they select the many tabs.  Then, when done, they will select the Save button for a final save to disk.  I created a local routine that I try calling from the Tab Changed embed:

SaveTabContents     ROUTINE
    CRF001Sx:Study_ID = p_web.GSV('CRF001Sx:StudyID_key')

     So far, this does not update the file.  Maybe a problem with the code in the routine or I'm using the wrong embed to call this?  Any thoughts?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / Troubles with conditional hide filter.
« on: February 20, 2024, 05:22:57 PM »

     I'm struggling with how to construct the conditional hide on a field in a NT app.  This is what I would like:

CRF002Rad:Recommend_RT_PBI  <> 'Other'   OR
CRF002Rad:Recommend_RT_WBI <> 'Other'

I know this has to be a string so I have tried the following:

'CRF002Rad:Recommend_RT_PBI  <> Other OR ' &
'CRF002Rad:Recommend_RT_WBI <> Other'

Still getting errors.  Can anyone help me construct this properly?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / New API troubles
« on: February 19, 2024, 06:01:08 PM »
Hello all,

     I'm trying a new API in my app.  I have a Users file, and I want to use an API to see if there is an email address in this file.  I want to do a get, see if the email is in the file and then return three fields. 

     On the Parameters tab, I set the parameter type to table, set the table to Users.tps, choose the unique key on the email field, and then check Allow Read.

     On the Returns tab, I set the three fields in the Users table I want to return.  They are:  Usr:EMail, Usr:Access_List and Usr:AcctStatus

The response I get back is:

   "EDC_Users_response" : {
      "Usr:EMail" : "",
      "Usr:Access_List" : "",
      "Usr:AcctStatus" : ""

     In the "Try It" section of the API documentation, HTTP GET (JSON Response), I set the Usr:Email field to and this email record does exist in the Users tps file.  I would expect the get to succeed and return the three fields.  Still, I get empty fields.  I can't seem to find where I'm going wrong.  Any thoughts?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / Help with NT 14.13 API
« on: January 29, 2024, 02:39:32 PM »

     I'm having trouble getting started with a new API in my NT 14.13 app.  A laboratory will build an API on their end, and send an Institution ID (eg. S01) to my app.  I want my API to take this Institution ID and do a lookup into an Institution.tps file on my server. 

     If the Institution ID is found, I want to call an Insert to create a new record in an Enrollment.tps file.  During the insert and creation of a new record, a Study ID field will be created from the Institution ID and an autoincrementing field called Patient ID.  The Study ID, for example, would be something like S01-0001.  If a record is successfully created with this new Study ID, the Study ID then needs to be sent back to the client API.

     If the Institution ID is not found, then an error message must be sent back to the Client API.

     I have added a API service and method to my app but I'm struggling on what do add to the General, Parameters and Return tabs on the API Method template.  Can anyone provide me with some steps on how to proceed?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / NT 14.13 Host exe app issue
« on: January 05, 2024, 05:41:00 PM »
Hello Bruce,

     I'm having a bit of trouble with the host.exe app (C11.1.13855 and NT 14.13).  I have it loaded into a Compile Manager app created by Handy Tools.  The Compile Manager indicates a build error with the following message:

ERROR: Invalid syntax. Default option is not allowed more than '1' time(s).
Type "TIMEOUT /?" for usage.

Is there anywhere in the Host EXE, or other NT 14.13 apps, that deals with DOS batch files and uses the "TIMEOUT /?" command? 

Note, the Host EXE does actually get compiled properly, as do all my other NT apps, I have in the Compile Manager.  It's just that the Compile Manager app indicates a failed build when in fact the build did succeed.  Gus at Handy Tools thinks it is due to the Host EXE using a DOS batch file somewhere.  Any thoughts on this?



Web Server - Ask For Help / NT 14.04, Web19 example app issue
« on: November 17, 2023, 05:10:15 PM »
Hi Bruce,

     I'm trying to look at the Web19 example app.  I get it compiled but when I run it and use a local browser ( to view it, I see the screen in the attached image web19 server.png.  There is very little code generated when viewing the page source.  In the app itself, the only odd thing I see is it appears to be linking in ClaNetl.lib, as seen in the attached image web19 lib.png.  Is this linking in the "Legacy" version of the NT templates?
     Other example apps and my own production apps link in ClaNet.lib.  Any suggestions about what is wrong here and how to fix?


Jeff King

Web Server - Ask For Help / NT web app with multi-select drop list
« on: November 07, 2023, 08:00:35 AM »

     Using a drop list control, I would like to select multiple items and have the drop control "remember" the items selected.  Currently, when multiple items are selected the target field is set to:


     Bruce showed some code on how to query out the multiple selections in a previous post on August 21 2023.  The problem with this is that the target field still has:  ;|;multiple;|; and this will not work when we query the file for the results...we would expect to see the items selected in the target field.  Also, when opening the form again, the drop does not display the items selected.

     When multiple items are selected, the drop list should store them in the target field, separated by a comma, or some other separator character.  Then, when opening the form again, the user would see the items selected in the target field.  It would also be nice to have a selection limit property. For example, limit the user to 3, 4 or 5 selections from long drop lists.

     I mentioned all this in an earlier post on Nov 4th, and Bruce indicated he would look into this after the CIDC.  While waiting, I thought I would see if anyone had thoughts on how to work around this in the interim. 

     Currently I use check box controls for each item to select.  See attached image.  This takes a lot of screen real estate, and there is one field in the tps file for each checkbox item.  With a multi-select drop list I could have one field in the tps file and one control on the form.

     Anyone have thoughts on how to approach this better, until the drop list can do this?

Thank you,

Jeff King

Hi Bruce,

     I have a client that uses LastPass password manager.  It is an extension of his Chrome browser.  It seems LastPass is filling in the user name and password and auto-submitting the login form.  It then repeats this over and over.  See the attached screen shot of the web log from the Host.exe.  The user has disabled autofill/auto submit in the LastPass settings and that seems to resolve the issue for now.  The user claims this did not happen when the host.exe and apps were on T 12.41.  I have two questions:

1.  Can you think of a reason why this would happen with NT 14.04 and not NT 12.41?  Note I'm not sure this did happen with NT 12.41, but wanted to ask anyway.
2.  Users who insist on using password managers can configure (turn off) auto fill/submit globally or for specific sites.  However, I would like a way to control this in my NT apps.  Is there a way to prevent autofill of NT password fields?


Jeff King

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