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Author Topic: Trying to get a handle on css? Consider Stylizer 7  (Read 709 times)


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Trying to get a handle on css? Consider Stylizer 7
« on: May 15, 2024, 01:22:53 AM »
NT 14.21  C11.0
As a 35 year clarion programmer I have NO CLUE on css.  I got a young kid to help me get started.  Arnor told me about Stylizer 7  ( ) for helping with css.  I downloaded the demo ( free for 2 weeks ).  However, it would not load my web site.  I wrote to support and they told me that they were able to open my NT web app with the chrome add on.  I had to purchase the program for US$79.95 to get the CHrome and Firefox plug ins.  However, well worth it.  I am overwhelmed by all the stuff in the Chrome Developer and Firefox Developer.  This program lays out the CSS very nicely and with a little learning, it is pretty clear.  I am finding it very helpful in getting my css going and up to snuff. If you point it to your custom.css, it will save any changes right to your custom.css.  Pretty neat.