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Author Topic: MS Sql Recommended Driver Strings  (Read 2663 times)


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MS Sql Recommended Driver Strings
« on: May 17, 2017, 10:14:43 PM »
A summary of recommendations for SQL Driver strings when used in a NetTalk Web Server context.

If you are using MsSql with your web server, and you have more than one user using the server, then you will likely run into the STMT Connection Busy error.

see here for a fuller explanation;

In our experience here we've found that turning MARS on does completely eliminate the error. We're using Ms SQL 2005, and Clarion 6.3.9058. You may have similar success with earlier builds of Clarion, we haven't back-checked to see exactly which build works the best.

The key issue though is "turning MARS on". Despite what the SV post above says, it does not appear to be automatic. In essence, the _first_ file opened in the database must have the driver setting


If you are using FM3 then the first file that connects is none of the ones in your dictionary, but rather the FM3 connection file. In order to set the driver string for that, you'll need a recent build of FM3.

You may also want to set the /ISOLATIONLEVEL to a specific value - do not just assume the default value is as documented in the Clarion Help. There are suggestions that it defaults to level 2, although the documentation suggests it defaults to 1.

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