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NetTalk 4.26 released
« on: June 21, 2007, 10:48:32 PM »
Hi All,

NetTalk 4.26 has been released.
Download your update from

New documentation index can be found here

Release notes:
# NOTE: the latest Web folder is installed to \clarion6\3rdparty\libsrc\netweb
Copy this to your application folder after installing the NetTalk update.

# Add: Support for Legacy report procedures, and (I think) CPCS report procedures. See example.

# Add: Forms now have a variable, loc:act which is set to either InsertRecord, ChangeRecord or DeleteRecord. Expressions can use this to determine current form action.

# Add: Ability to override CSS class for Prompt and Comment for individual form fields.

# Change: Made blank tab headings more visible in list of tabs.

# Change: .SetSessionPics, and .SetPics methods have been retired. Replaced with SetPics routine in form.

# Add: Translation for the "Locate" prompt can be set in WebServer procedure, Advanced tab.

# Add: Embed point into menu routine.

# Add: New Short-hand method names, GSV and SSV for GetSessionValue and SetSessionValue respectively. Use either short, or long form.

# Add: GetSessionValueLength method to return length of Session Value.

# Add: GetValueLength method to return length of parameter in Value queue.

# Add: New examples, 38 (Legacy) and 39 (LegacyReports) added.

# Update: Chrome menu script updated to version 2.01

# Reorganised docs a bit.

# Fix: Could generate code for "SmallOtherButton"

# Fix: "highlighted record" problem when Last or Previous pushed.

# Fix: Values getting dropped when a lookup is done.

# Fix: DATE and TIME data types were being treated as Alpha, not Numeric.

# Fix: For time fields that were > 12:00, but didn't include am or pm.

# Fix: Handled empty packets (with just a header) sent from a NetWebPage. Typically when sending a PDF or other static file from a NetWebPage.

** Those Who attended the World Tour, and added code to work around this issue can now remove the work around code **