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Author Topic: Embeded images in email don't display in some email clients  (Read 2978 times)


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We send out emails in HTML format with images embedded as base64 within the HTML body. In some email client apps (like Outlook) it works fine, but not in Windows Mail - where the image is simply not shown. Here is a sample of the code I use:

ntSMTP.from = smtp:From
ntSMTP.replyTo = smtp:ReplyTo
ntSMTP.toList = grp.RecipientList
ntSMTP.subject = grp.Subject
ntSMTP.attachmentList = LocProc.SetupAttachmentList (grp.AttachmentList)
ntSMTP.messageHtmlST.SetValue (grp.Body)
ntSMTP.ProcessHTMLForImages (GLO:UploadsPath)
ntSMTP.messageTextST.SetValue ('')
ntSMTP.SendMail (NET:EMailMadeFromPartsMode)

Is there maybe some tweak needed for all mail client apps to show the images?

I'm using C11 with NT11.



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Re: Embeded images in email don't display in some email clients
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2019, 04:57:19 AM »
Images are obviously a problem in emails because they are abused a lot.
So a lot of clients have images turned off by default.
(The user can "display images" on an ad-hoc basis if they like.)
Some web-mail systems also treat images in strange ways.

Feel free to send me an email from your system, with an image in it, and I'll tell you what I see.
(I'm currently using Windows Live Mail - the desktop version - from 2011)

Overall though you should be prepared for images in emails to behave in an inconsistent manner.