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Author Topic: Sending HTML or RTF in body of e-mail  (Read 22837 times)

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Sending HTML or RTF in body of e-mail
« on: June 17, 2007, 02:45:15 PM »
In the Newsgroups, Dan Scott asked:

Is this possible?
My customer would like to send a flyer to his customers every month.
I know I can add the flyer as attachment, but that won't due.

The flyer would be in HTML or RTF

I tried linking an HTML to the html text in Nettalk example, but it just
shows the Link in the email.
MyHtml = 'c:\docs\test.html'

Sean Cameron from Capesoft answered:

NetTalk allows both the HTML and Text parts to be specified, which is covered in the docs, along with how to embed images. You can also send RTF in the body, but only indirectly. To send an RTF file, including embedded images etc. I use OfficeInside to open the document (it can also be a .doc file etc.) in the background and use the SaveAs() method to save it to html, which actually saves a "web archive" or .mht file. This is actually just a standard EML file, which contains the full email, with all images embedded and encoded. NetTalk allows you to load this file, specify the recipients, from address etc. and send it. A very neat way to send .doc, .rtf and any other format that Word will open as HTML, with embedded images etc.

You can also use this approach to preview Word documents in your Clarion application using FileExplorer (which displays MHT and EML files very well indeed).