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Frame issue
« on: March 17, 2008, 05:53:57 PM »
     I have modified example 27 by adding a third frame column next to the right_fram.  In the new frame I call a js file that creates a menu tree.  On one node of this tree I call a browse called ClinHist, which is related to my main browse called Patients.  The Patients browse is loaded in the middle frame (right_fram). 
     I have two problems in this setup:
  First, when I close the ClinHist browse, I want to return to the patient browse in the middle fram (right_fram), with the same record selected.  I have tried some suggestions I received from Bruce on the third party newsgroup, but have not had any success.  A simple click on the back button of the browser takes me to the original page so I thought that perhaps this could be done upon closing the ClinHist browse.  Is there a way to cause the back button click, or a better way to accomplish this?
   Second,  I have set the ClinHist browse to be range filtered by a common id number, which I thought would be set by selecting a record in the Patients browse.  This does not work for me with my current setup.  How can I filter the second browse, ClinHist, using a value from a record in the first browse, Patients?