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Web Server - Ask For Help / Point of Sale (Cashier Screen) in Nettalk
« Last post by ntnewbies on Today at 12:58:24 AM »
Has anyone created a responsive web point of sale screen (Cashier Interface) using NetTalk?


Web Server - Ask For Help / Browse Conditional CSS Background-color
« Last post by wasatchconsulting on April 18, 2024, 07:17:24 PM »
I am using Nettalk 14.21

I have a browse within a memory form with certain columns getting a different background-color based on a field with a color code. I place the color code field into the CSS background-color CSS property for the field. For the most part it works just fine with the exception of the first row. When the memory form opens, it is just fine. User enters a field on the form and hits enter. The client side tab is set to refresh the browse list. When the browse is refreshed, the first row gets the color of the last row no matter what the color code is set for the first row.

I have ran debug to see if somehow the code is cycling back to the first row with the color of the last row and it is not doing that, but yet the color of the first row is set to the color of last row.

Ken Watts

Hi Kurt,

my guess would be that it has a dependency (like MsSql or whatever) that's not listed in the dependencies list.
(AND /OR) that you have not set the service to run in the correct "account" - using the "services" account is trickier because of permissions.


Thanks for that useful Tip Bruce
Web Server - Ask For Help / Nettalk server not listening upon startup after reboot
« Last post by kboller on April 17, 2024, 04:01:34 PM »
I have webserver (NT14.19) that installed as a service.  When it reboots the service starts but it doesn't listen until it is started on the desktop.
Web Server - Ask For Help / Re: Solved - Login window not centered
« Last post by Richard I on April 17, 2024, 03:01:07 PM »
Thanks Bruce,

I solved the issue last night-
In my Custom.css file in the login-form-width I had cleverly included !Important
on one of the early lines
I removed that and recompiled  - solved  ! Now login form nicely centered

Web Server - Ask For Help / Re: Login window not centered
« Last post by Bruce on April 17, 2024, 01:44:31 AM »
I've tweaked the styles for 14.21 to restore the old behavior.
Web Server - Ask For Help / Re: Download file from menu
« Last post by Bruce on April 17, 2024, 01:34:50 AM »
I've experimented with a 200 meg file, and example 40, but it seems to work for me Sean.
The generator creates the CLW file.
If the generator fails to update the CLW file, then you'd see this issue.

The compiler compiles the CLW file into an OBJ.
If the compiler fails to compile the CLW then you'd see this issue.

The linker links the OBJ's into a DLL or EXE. If the linker fails to find the new OBJ, and uses an old one instead, then you'll see this issue.

Also - The Build Menu in the IDE has a "Clean solution" option, which removes OBJ's to force the compiler to remake them.
I thought one supported the other so I have always deleted both.....
I will force a change and see which one deleted allows the change
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