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NetTalk User Group Meeting!
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Saturday Nov. 16 
7am PST
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Friday 22 August 2014
Written by Bruce   
Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday 22 August 2014

NetTalk 8

Build 8.25 is up


Order Links (during beta program)
   NetTalk 8 (new Copy)  Regular Price $899  -- Beta Price  $699
   NetTalk 8 (Upgrade)  Regular Price $499 -- Beta Price $399

NetTalk User Group webinar from Aug 21st has been uploaded to http://www.capesoft.com/accessories/NetTalkUserGroup.htm

Next NetTalk User Group Meeting Thursday 28 August at 3pm GMT - 5pm SAST, 11am EST, 8am PST

You need to "register" (it's free) to get a webinar invitation.
You can do this using this link; https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/870091054

Downloads and Notes of Meetings are kept at http://www.capesoft.com/accessories/NetTalkUserGroup.htm

Developing Web Applications with NetTalk (Second Edition) now available

The premier resource for learning and understanding NetTalk just got better. 260 pages (up from 180) - lots of new information - lots of updated information. New copies are $199 and for those who have the first edition there's a special upgrade price of $149.

Bottom Line : What is your time worth? The book will save you a lot of time, even if you are an experienced developer or have the first edition.

See Here for more : http://www.capesoft.com/books/nettalk/home.htm

NetTalk 7

Build 7.39 is up

Note that this build uses the StringTheory2  build. Likewise if you install StringTheory2 you need to update to this build as well.
(If you are using OddJob then update that as well.)

NetTalk 6

Build 6.56 is up

Includes a DLL for Clarion 9.1

Web Forums Source
Build 2.05 is up
Requires NetTalk 6.38 or later - Lots of small cosmetic and usability improvements.

NetTalk 5
Build 5.53
has been uploaded for NT5.
Includes a DLL for Clarion 9

NetTalk 4
Build 4.59
has been uploaded for NT4.
Includes a DLL for Clarion 9



Last Updated ( Friday, 22 August 2014 )

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